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Tag: alphabet

Learning the alphabet is so much more than reciting the alphabet song. It is of course, super cute to hear your toddler recite the song (Z loves it), but memorising the song and knowing what the words mean, is two entirely different topics. So how to tackle this essential skill? Well, we tend to weave it in to our everyday – on this occasion via art. Read on to find out how….

Oh hi there! Me again sharing yet another pumpkin related activity. I just can’t seem to stop buying the decorative pumpkins from the florists here in Vienna but rest assured, they are being put to excellent use for dramatic play and activities. Our latest being this uppercase / lowercase match.

A letter reveal can be a really fun way of helping little learners with recognition. Whether it be name recognition, phonics or an uppercase / lowercase match, this activity can be applied in a whole host of different ways. Read on to find out how…