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Baby Play

Simple baby play ideas.

Baby Wipe Sensory Board

If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely gone through countless baby wipe packs already. Start saving them up, so you can use them for this ‘baby peekaboo’ activity. Baby wipe lids Cardboard (we used one side of a box) Glue Read more…

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Sensory Board for Babies

If you don’t use baby wipes, this sensory board is a great alternative to the ‘lift the flap’ DIYs I’ve shared here before. Read on to find out how you can make one…

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Baby Play on Holiday

What to take, what to borrow and what to reuse whilst on holiday with your littlest travel companion. Read on to find out more and no, it doesn’t involve taking a suitcase full of toys with you! What to take: Read more…

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Books from Day One

‘When I say to a parent, “read to a child”, I don’t want it to sound like medicine. I want it to sound like chocolate.’   Mem Fox, Reading Magic

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Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

Sian is the founder of Teach Investigate Play. She helps parents navigate the early years by providing meaningful and simple activities. She also owns 'Get Set Social Media' - a social media consultancy for small businesses. From the UK, now living in Vienna (via Australia). About page has more!

Toddler Play

Playful toddler ideas.

Preschool Play on Holiday

As a family we regularly travel. Overtime, I have learnt what works really well on holiday and what can be left at home. The short story is: you don’t need to pack bags and bags of toys!

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Autumn ‘Soup’

Now that my youngest child is getting a little older, I am re-introducing the larger scale messy play activities that Z and I have always enjoyed. This Autumn soup is perfect to try on those slow days when you want Read more…

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Raspberry ‘Paint’

I’m always on the hunt for taste safe paint option, especially when it comes to Mr E (16 months) so when we had a punnet of sour raspberries on our hands, we decided to utilise them for painting…

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Ice Painting

Painting ice cubes is one of our favourite summertime activities. Whilst i’d usually use non-toxic washable paints with my eldest two, I opt to use simple food colouring with my youngest (16 months)⁣

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Preschool Play

Preparing for School.

Pre-Writing Activities

Think writing is as simple as placing a pencil in your child’s hand? Think again! Development of fine motor skills are absolutely crucial in order to build up the hand strength and pincer grip needed to be able to hold Read more…

Alphabet Erase for Preschoolers

Learning the alphabet is so much more than reciting the alphabet song. It is of course, super cute to hear your toddler recite the song (Z loves it), but memorising the song and knowing what the words mean, is two entirely different topics. So how to tackle this essential skill? Well, we tend to weave it in to our everyday – on this occasion via art. Read on to find out how….

What is school readiness?

I confess that the term ‘school ready’ does really irk me. The pressure parents face to ensure their child can count, sing the alphabet and be fluent in a foreign language (kidding) by the time they reach reception class is pretty intense. Whilst counting to 100 is indeed impressive for a 3-4 year old, i’m more concerned with the more practical elements of being school ready. Here’s why…

Conker Counting

As i’m fond of saying on this website, counting and number recognition are two very different skills. Your little one might be able to count confidently to 10 (or more!) but that doesn’t equate to being able to read what a number represents. At the moment, my Miss 3.10 is working on recognising numbers and so I thought i’d make use of the gazillion conkers we’ve collected recently…