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Baby Play

Simple baby play ideas.

Craft Stick Pull

Tabies (not quite a baby, not quite a toddler) are full of curiosity so when I knew we had a holiday coming up, I was admittedly a little concerned as to how we’d keep my 14 months occupied… Going on Read more…

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Baby Wipe Sensory Board

If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely gone through countless baby wipe packs already. Start saving them up, so you can use them for this ‘baby peekaboo’ activity. Baby wipe lids Cardboard (we used one side of a box) Glue Read more…

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Sensory Board for Babies

If you don’t use baby wipes, this sensory board is a great alternative to the ‘lift the flap’ DIYs I’ve shared here before. Read on to find out how you can make one…

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Baby Play on Holiday

What to take, what to borrow and what to reuse whilst on holiday with your littlest travel companion. Read on to find out more and no, it doesn’t involve taking a suitcase full of toys with you! What to take: Read more…

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Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

Sian is a trained teacher mama to three awesome children and wife to Greg. As a family of expats, they travel the world every couple of years for new adventures. Right now, they live in Vienna, Austria.

One thing Sian is super passionate about? Helping mums worldwide navigate the early years of parenthood.

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Toddler Play

Playful toddler ideas.

Raspberry ‘Paint’

I’m always on the hunt for taste safe paint option, especially when it comes to Mr E (16 months) so when we had a punnet of sour raspberries on our hands, we decided to utilise them for painting…

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Ice Painting

Painting ice cubes is one of our favourite summertime activities. Whilst i’d usually use non-toxic washable paints with my eldest two, I opt to use simple food colouring with my youngest (16 months)⁣

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Shape Rescue

Every morning after breakfast, I set my youngest two children up with an activity. These are usually quick, no fuss set ups that are made with everyday items from around the house. Today we followed on from a previous ‘rescue Read more…

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Preschool Play

Preparing for School.

Simple Sensory Play for Preschoolers: Afternoon Tea

This sophisticated sensory play activity is just perfect for preschoolers. It has all of the benefits of sensory play whilst also immersing your little one in the world of dramatic play.

All you need for this activity are everyday items from around the house – happy playing!

A Tree for all Seasons

I created this felt seasonal tree with the help of my eldest so that he could better understand the passing of the seasons. At the time, we were living in Australia where everything felt a little ‘topsy-turvey.’ Read on for some crafty inspiration…

‘Fireworks’ Pre-Writing Tray

With Christmas over so quickly and a long winter ahead, we’re increasingly using our DIY lightbox for activities. Read on to find out how to create this ‘fireworks’ tray at home. You will need: IKEA Flisat table with ‘trosfast’ trays Read more…