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Fine Motor fun for Toddlers

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Here’s the thing, toddlers are BUSY. It is hard to set up a meaningful activity that they will give their full focus to. This is where this ‘sticky wall’ comes in: it’s engaging and a great way to boost fine motor skills.

This activity is just brilliant for busy mums because the wall can be kept up for a couple of days. Ours was on the wall by the kitchen which meant we could repeat this activity (and others) over a few days.

I’m all about keeping play simple and easy. The sticky wall only took a few minutes to put together which made it a major mum win! You can find out more about how we achieve balance in play here.



For this fine motor activity, you will need:

  • Contact paper
  • Craft sticks
  • Duck tape / painters tape



Attach a strip of contact paper (stick side up) to a wall, then fix with the tape. Place coloured craft sticks on to the wall – it’s best to have a range of colours to help with colour recognition and language development.

fine motor activity



Fine motor skills: this is primarily an activity that works on pincer grip.

Colour recognition: by placing a variety of colours on the wall, you can help your toddler to identify colours.

Speech & Language: by sportscasting / commentating on the activity, you can help your toddler develop their language.


Age Recommendations

This works well for children aged 18 months and up as a way to work on fine motor skills. Whilst it might seem too young to be working on these skills, it works as a precursor to pre-writing activities.

pre-writing skills graphic

You can find more activities for tabies and toddlers here.


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Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

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