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Play Dough Party Cakes the easy way

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If you have older play dough (or is it playdough?) that has past the point of no return, try turning them into ‘party cakes’ for your children’s toys. This activity doesn’t really need much explanation, but read on for some inspiration and links to our favourite play dough recipes…

Playt dough party cakes with animals

You will need:

Just use this list as a suggestion. We simply use items from our craft cupboard:

  • Play dough (ideally old as it will likely get mixed!)
  • Sequins / eco-glitter
  • Pompoms
  • Tinsel
  • Muffin tin
  • Animal figurines or dolls

A note on using sequins, pompoms etc: we pick out as much as possible after play and keep for later use. In fact, we’ve had the same tub of sequins on the go for the last 3 years!

Play dough party cakes with pompoms, sequins

There isn’t really a list of instructions that goes with this activity, just invite your little one to create cakes.

If this isn’t their thing, try using dough cutters or stampers instead to make interesting shapes.

These cakes eventually got mixed and turned into beautiful winter stars instead with the total playtime being around 30-45 minutes.


Play dough is my number one favourite activity for developing pre-writing skills – you can read more about it here.

Age Recommendations

Due to the high salt content in homemade play dough, I recommend that your child is around 2 years of age and way past the mouthing stage.

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Party play dough for using up old dough link Pinterest

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