Christmas Themed Sensory Bottles

Christmas is, of course, one of the most magical, sparkliest times of the year. It’s a sensory feast for the eyes and there are so many things your little one will want to grab. The problem is, a lot of Christmas decorations aren’t suitable for very small babies to explore. Our solution? Pop them in to a sensory bottle!

You will need:

  • Clear plastic bottle
  • Small Christmas decorations such a jingle bells, beads, mini baubles, ribbons and pompoms
  • Glue gun (to seal the bottle if your little one can open lids)

What to do:

I have a full run-down of all things sensory bottle related here. You can even download a printable version.

We mainly used ours as part of themed discovery baskets. Check out the photos below for inspiration:

Silver Basket

Santa Basket

no, it’s not real sheep-skin – don’t panic!

Age Recommendations

Sensory bottles can be used in many different ways. From around 3 months, they can be used as a tummy time activity. For older babies, who are sitting up, they are fun to include in discovery baskets along with other treasures.

Now that E is 18 months, I will use them this year to really explore sounds and colours. However, because he can unscrew caps I will be gluing the lids shut so that he cannot access the materials inside.

This activity should always be done under strict supervision. Never leave your baby unattended with homemade play items and loose parts.

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