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5 play ideas for ‘Frozen’ Fans

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It’s fair to say that we’ve gone a little crazy for all things Frozen themed lately as Z is just so excited about Frozen II coming out. Here are 5 ideas that you can try with your little frozen fans at home.

This post is a quick round-up of the Frozen themed activities we have tried. Whilst we do have our fair share of Frozen merch, please don’t go out and buy things especially for activities! In place of the dolls, you could use peg people instead. Click on the links in the headings to find out more about each activity.

1. Frozen themed play dough box

2. Frozen themed cloud dough

3. Frozen themed sensory tray

I haven’t written up a blog post about this tray yet – purely because it was so super simple to put together. We didn’t even dye rice for this one (alternatively you could use coconut) but added some sequins and large gemstones for some sparkle.

The figurines featured here are by a company called Bullyland.

4. Frozen Rescue

For my readers in Australia, this one is for you – after years of living in Australia, I have full sympathy for the weirdness of all the Christmas activities when it’s boiling outside!

Simply freeze the characters in a bowl of water overnight. 10 minutes or so before play, turn the bowl upside so that the ice will slide out. Literally frozen fun!

You can do all sorts of fun experiments with these ice ‘rescues’ – with older children (3+) let them see how salt affects the melting process. Let your children come up with some suggestions as to how the ice could melt quicker and provide them with the materials needed to do so.

5. Writing Tray

Okay so this one is a slight tenuous link BUT it might just capture interest! This is simply a mix of coconut and flour to make a pre-writing tray. I copied some shapes down onto cardboard so that Z could have a go at recreating them with her favourite pastry brush – yes she does have a favourite!

You can read all about pre-writing activities by clicking the link here.

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Sian Thomas

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