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Alphabet Erase for Preschoolers

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Learning the alphabet is so much more than reciting the alphabet song, so try this ‘Alphabet Erase’ activity for a fun, interactive way of learning. It is of course, super cute to hear your toddler recite the song (Z loves it), but memorising the song and knowing what the words mean, is two entirely different topics. So how to tackle this essential skill? Well, we tend to weave the alphabet in to our everyday – on this occasion via art. Read on to find out how….

alphabet written in chalk sticks on a tuff spot tray

You will need:

  • A blackboard, tuff spot tray or even the patio!
  • Chalk or paint sticks
  • Water pot and paintbrushes
Children using water and paintbrushes to erase the alphabet

Z (3.10) and I did the first part of this alphabet erase activity whilst E had his nap. I initially painted on the letters of the alphabet with a white paint stick, then Z went over the letters in colour. Each time, we talked about the letters chosen and even the sounds they make. She spelt out ‘zoo’ by herself after hearing the sounds (we had just visited the zoo over the weekend so I suspect she made the connection and remembered the signs)

We turned the activity in to a little game. She would choose a letter, then I would paint over it, then I would do the same. I often find that joining in myself makes it feel less like a task for Z.

Just a tip – Try writing the letters in one direction. I pretty quickly regretted writing the alphabet in the spiral shape as it made it difficult for Z. She had to move and turn her body frequently. Because she is just learning the alphabet in written form, this wasn’t ideal for her!

Once E woke up and joined in the fun, I introduced the water. Z and I erased all of the letters of the alphabet – again talking about each one in turn whilst E happily painted as he wished! It’s not particularly easy to do more learning based activities with children of two different stages of development, however this one was successful.

Benefits of the Alphabet Erase

  • Early literacy and language development: making connections to words/ sounds and what they look like in print
  • Pre-writing skills: by tracing over the alphabet letters written by an adult
  • Fine motor skills: holding a paintbrush / paint stick
  • Making connections to the wider world: through discussion, connections can be made to recent experiences (like the zoo) or familiar words.
  • Recognising patterns and shapes: by taking the time to play with the alphabet and explore, connections can be made – e.g. the m and w or u and n.

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Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

Sian is the founder of Teach Investigate Play. She helps parents navigate the early years by providing meaningful and simple activities. She also owns 'Get Set Social Media' - a social media consultancy for small businesses. From the UK, now living in Vienna (via Australia). About page has more!

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