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Meet Bonnie from Make it Your Own

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Meet Bonnie Scorer and her incredible crew of creatives from Canada. I have loved Make It Your Own from the moment I first created my own Instagram account, especially because the whole family are involved with the crafty video tutorials. Read on to find out more about the creative process behind each video tutorial and how Make It Your Own got started…

Hi Bonnie, thanks so much for agreeing to be part of this interview series! I absolutely love the ideas that you share on your page, especially because your children are at the forefront. Have they always been keen to be involved?

Our site is family affair.  The kids and I experiment with different ideas and then they make a video detailing their process.  My husband, Galen, films them and edits the videos and then I share them on social media, often reading them the wonderfully encouraging comments that people leave!  (Thank you!)  If you know our kids, they love collecting and making.  When they have friends over, they are often making things with them as well and bring home beautiful projects from school.  My husband’s background is Digital Media and Art and mine is Education, so I think creating and sharing is in their blood!  In the summer we lead Children’s programs and the kids are getting good at set up the ideas, explaining them, connecting with the children and becoming leaders. As parents we are all trying to give our children opportunities that we think might be helpful to their growth. 

Here’s the kids’ first video, years ago, it is amazing to see how they have grown. 

Everyone has different reasons for starting their social media accounts. What prompted you to create Make it Your Own?

When we lived in Toronto prior to having children, I had the privilege of being a teacher which I loved!  While I was an educator, many of our lessons started with children’s literature and included some sort of creating component.  I felt that building, making and hands-on opportunities really solidified learning for the variety of learners that I taught.  Every Friday afternoon we would focus specifically on art while listening to lullabies from around the world and while the children worked on their projects they often had the most fascinating conversations.  When I had my own children, I found that this continued to be a way for us to connect as well.  I like to go for walks every day and so we often go out, collect nature along the way and make items out of the collections, from pieces from the recycling bin and on topics that the children are interested in.  I find that when they have ideas that they want to pursue this is where you get the most passion!  

We started the site to encourage creativity and to support a project we have coming out hopefully next year. Here are some favourite projects from our site:

Colour Mixing

Spin Art Butterflies

Christmas Kid- Made Wrapping Paper

One of the things I love the most about your account is that you are always sharing other people’s ideas on your Instagram stories. How important is it to foster that sense of community?

I learned from my parents how to create community- my mother was an avid volunteer and my father often helped the neighbours with their projects.  My sisters and I grew up doing the same, volunteering, and I enjoy being a part of things in the children’s school and our community.  As an educator, I spent September really focused on getting to know each other within the class and community building and that investment paid off into children who were really connected each other.  Along with my students, I also keep in touch with many of colleagues although we live on the other side of the country now.  I feel like creating connections is what makes life meaningful.  I am grateful to the people who have provided me support throughout my life through various forms of mentorship and I hope to do the same in some way.  Online I have had the chance to connect with some really lovely people! 

You have large following on both Instagram and Facebook – how do you manage your time so that social media doesn’t take over?

In a digital world, it is more important than ever to be present to our children.  My husband and I are both night owls by nature, so I often get the bulk of things done when they are asleep!   I honestly feel like I often have to pop in and catch up as my youngest is not in full time school yet and I spend quite a bit of time with him working on his speech.  I certainly could do more, but I think we have to each seek a balance that we are comfortable with- I really enjoy connecting with people online, but I also want to look back on my time with my kids as one where I was there for them. 

You are known for your craft tutorials. How long does each video take from start to finish?

This is an important question in that it gives our audiences the background as to the process.  We trial a project and go through ways to make it accessible for children for about approximately 1-2 hours, prepping the materials.  We shoot each video for approximately 1-2 hours, then the editing and creating the various formats for different social media platforms takes 2-3 hours depending on the complexity of the process.  As we work with the kids, this may take longer than that of an adult doing craft videos.  It has been an amazing to see their confidence bloom and they love witnessing their ideas come to life.  They each articulate how this will contribute to their hopeful future careers and see it as a stepping stone in their development.  More often than not, honestly, they all clamour to be in the videos.  This is probably because this is one of the ways how our family spends time together- some families ski together, some are bird watchers etc. (we do those types of things too), but making is our happy place. 

I’m always aware that social media only shows a snippet of people and their personalities – what three words would your friends use to describe you? 

I messaged my friends to ask them and they came back with these responses: thoughtful, generous, kind, resilient, committed, creative/ imaginative, hard-working, passionate, compassionate, strong, encouraging/ supportive and “one of a kind”!  My kids told me I was: calm, kind, funny, helpful, powerful, generous, playful, nice and reliable.  It was flattering to read this things as I think who we are reflects what we value and hopefully a bit of it wears off on our children in our process of raising them!  

Is there a particular quote or motto that you live by? 

Our lives might unfold in ways that we can’t expect- sometimes in ways are exciting and those which may be difficult and different than what we envisioned- resiliency is something that I focused on with some of the children that I worked with and more and more I see that as adults, it is important to our continued growth as well, including my own.  Kindness really resonates with me- it is something of compass for us all to work towards and be guided by in our actions, choices and words.  

Finally, how can we find out more about Make It Your Own? 




Thank you to your audience for taking the time to read about us!  

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Sian Thomas

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