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Our Autumn Play Space

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Whilst themes can be considered ‘naff’ to some, I actually think that acknowledging the passing of each season is a really important way of helping little ones understand the world around them. Z (now 3.8 years) has really started to note the changes to the outside world, so I have adjusted our play space to help her learn. Read on for some inspiration…

Autumn Shelfies

As you can see, I don’t make the entire play space Autumn themed, but there are nods to it on the top shelf. I picked out Autumn themed books, woodland animals and real nature elements to bring the space together. Here’s a look in more detail:

This adorable Autumn fairy house was bought from an independent store whilst I still lived in Australia. The little fairies featured are found at markets in Vienna – I can’t wait to collect some more of them when the Christmas markets arrive! I’ve also added the ‘fire’ Sarah’s silk along with some Grimm’s pebbles and part of a medium rainbow.

We are out for park walks everyday so when I spotted this lump of park, I just had to bring it back! I do like bringing nature elements inside, but you do also need to be a bit careful as little bugs can live on the bark. We kept this inside for a week or two but it now lives upstairs in the roof garden.

In the centre of the shelves, I’ve brought out all of our woodland themed creatures and made a little den for them with the red and orange pieces of the large Grimm’s rainbow. The mini strip of grass is from Flying Tiger – it’s great for small world play.

I’ve also added some of our Autumnal themed books to the mix. We tend to have some quiet time every afternoon where i’ll read to the children.

The Play Kitchen

I’ve made no secret before on my IG page, that this IKEA play kitchen has been a bit of a flop with Miss 3. She always admired them and loved them in play settings, but when we bought our own, she completely ignored it! This is me consciously trying to make it more appealing for her.

Whilst we have a lot of play food, Z just doesn’t really go for it – if you read a little behind the Reggio approach and the more recent Curiosity Approach, there’s lots to suggest that children should be using loose parts to act as food during play. With this in mind, I added pinecones, real mini pumpkins and some Grapat rings along with sensory bottles filled with rice and nature treasures.

The new kitchen revamp has already gone down really well with both children. They were immediately drawn to it so i’ll be making more of a conscious effort with the kitchen in the future.

To note, all of the items featured here were bought by me, with the exception of ‘The Usborne Woodland Book’ which was gifted by Usborne.

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Sian Thomas

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