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Eye See You! Pompom Wreath for Halloween

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A fun Halloween Wreath to try

My general theme each Halloween is ‘cute not creepy.’ I made this Halloween wreath with Mr 10 a couple of years back. This is a great craft project to try with slightly older children…


  • Cardboard
  • Pompoms – approximately two packs
  • Googly eyes – approximately one pack
  • Glue gun and 2-3 glue sticks
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • marker pen

What to do:

  1. Start off by drawing , then cutting out a large circle with a craft knife or sharp scissors. Repeat the same inside the circle until you are left with an ‘o’ shape.
  2. Get to work gluing on the pompoms. We used a range of sizes and colours to keep the fun element – you need to act fast with the glue gun as it tends to dry quickly
  3. Affix the googly eyes, this can be fiddly and it’s easy to burn fingers with the glue gun, so try putting a dot of glue on the pompom, then squishing the googly eye on top.
  4. Gently pull off any ‘spider webs’ left by the glue gun.

Age Recommendations

H was seven years old when he helped with this project. He used the glue gun under strict supervision and we had gone through some safety rules first.

Children can be trusted to do projects involving glue guns or craft knives, providing you go through some ground rules first. I’m always super hesitant to put age recommendations on – as we all know, children develop at very different rates. If you’re child can listen well to instructions and has been exposed to plenty of craft activities in the past, then this is absolutely a project you can try!

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Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

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