Gourd Geoboard

An early math activity to try

Every single Autumn, I go a little overboard on buying pumpkins. I recently bought a huge basket from the local florist and so i’ve been figuring out ways to use them. The husband would prefer it if I actually just cooked them – but where’s the fun in that? I’ve seen these pumpkin geoboards many times on Pinterest so thought i’d give one a go!


  • Pumpkin
  • Drawing pins – these huge ones are from Flying Tiger
  • Elastic bands
  • Spider-Girl suit – optional

What to do:

I simply pushed the drawing pins in the pumpkin, aiming roughly for triangular patterns for her to explore. It was far easier than I expected to push the pins in and it kind of ended up looking a little alien like!

Z has done many geoboard type activities before, so needed no instruction on what to do but if your child has no idea and isn’t sure, try modelling a few first.

Key Benefits

  • Early Math – by making shapes and lines.
  • Fine motor skills – stretching the elastic bands over the pins
  • The World Around us – making connections to the seasons and the produce available during autumn
  • Language development – talking about colours, shapes and seasons

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