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Autumn Themed Play Dough

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5 recipes to try!

Ahhh Autumn! It’s by far my most favourite season. I just love the change in temperature – much better for going on long, family walks and I just love the scents and spices associated with autumn too. Read on to find out what scents we’ve used (so far) this Autumn and how to make yourself at home…

Every 4-6 weeks, Z and I make up a new batch of play dough. This is something that we love doing together – it has many educational benefits of course, but it is also a tremendous amount of fun!

As she gets older, she is more aware of the changing seasons. We talked about the colours we see as the leaves turns brown and fall from the trees and also about scents. The batch of play dough photographed below (with the exception of the coffee dough) was all made in one afternoon. We worked from a base of plain dough and broke off sections to make the different flavours.

We also made this beautiful beetroot dough which I have to say is my favourite to date – the colours were absolutely gorgeous.


You can choose to make a big batch like we did, by following our basic play dough recipe.

To make the individual flavours, follow the links below:

Orange scented Play Dough

Coffee Play Dough

Chocolate Play Dough

Cinnamon Play Dough

Beetroot Play Dough


We’ve already made so many activities using the dough, from butterfly small worlds (not very autumnal, I know), to woodland scenes and even a mini construction site. I tend to place out an invitation for the children, who then request more materials if they want them. Take a peek through the slide show for some visual inspiration!

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