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Woodland Map

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A rainy day activity to try

Can you guess that our general theme for the moment is ‘Woodland?’ I only ever loosely plan these things as I do hate to be structured and rigid with our at home learning, but we are currently loving everything outdoors. Some days, we don’t get out as often or for as long as we’d like, so here is a fun large-scale activity to try.

Put simply, this is a woodland map in a box! The idea is inspired by a similar one in the Usborne Woodland book that we were recently gifted. For this activity you will need:

  • A large cardboard box
  • A black marker
  • Paint sticks

I drew the map in this instance – Z is only 3.8 years old and I didn’t want to overwhelm with a large-scale draw and colour. We talked about what our woodland map should have – it really ended up looking similar to two local parks that we frequently visit!

Next we discussed colours – I asked Z what colours she would expect to see in the woods and she chose them from a selection of paint sticks.

Whilst I did join in with some of the colouring, as we often end up doing these activities when E is napping, most of this is Z’s work. The more arty activities we do, the more accurate she becomes with colouring.

It’s really important to stress that it isn’t wise to interfere with colour choices. As you can see, we have gold trees and a pink cafe – that is all part of her interpretation. Whilst we talk about the colours typically seen in the woodland, I don’t dictate what she should use.

Why you should try this activity:

  • Making connections to the wider world: this activity directly links to our own experiences in the woodland areas near us.
  • Creativity – deciding on colours
  • Fine motor skills – holding the pens
  • Language development – talking about what we see in the woodland.
  • Understanding of directions – using prepositions. I will be sharing a follow-up activity shortly!
  • Boredom buster – it’s a good screen-free option when the rain is pouring all day long

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Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

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