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‘A for Apple Tree

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A capital and lowercase letter activity

This ‘A for Apple’ activity is great as a way to distinguish capital letters from lowercase. We are currently working through our phonics sounds, roughly using the UK Government’s Letters and Sounds programme. I used this simple sound stamp as a way for Z to understand that both the capital and lowercase A make the same sound.

A couple of things to note before beginning, we have already worked a lot on environmental sounds, which is phase 1 of the Letters and Sounds programme. If you’re reading this and are looking for a starting point, please check out the following link. There is a lot of advice on activities to do before you even begin to introduce phonetic sounds.

If your child already goes to nursery or preschool and follows a specific phonics program, please check with their teacher what stage they are at. You don’t want to risk confusing your child with different cues. Similarly, if you know which school your child will be attending, then find out what programme they use.

Phonics can be tricky, even for adults – especially since many of our generation learnt to read with sight words. If you’re not a trained teacher, you need to be very careful with HOW you say the sounds. It is worth checking out YouTuber Mr Thorne for guidance – his videos are just brilliant!

The activity itself couldn’t really be simpler. I drew an apple tree in crayon, then add red ‘capital A’ apples and green ‘lowercase A’ apples. Z then needed to colour the apples in the correct colour, using a dot marker. Each time she coloured, we repeated the ‘A’ sound.

Repetition is the key, especially with little ones learning new sounds. The idea for phase 2 of the Letters and Sounds programme is to introduce a new sound everyday, whilst revisiting the old. We do lots of playful activities related to each, including:

  • Stamping sounds in play dough
  • Mystery bags (with the content all beginning with the same sound)
  • Sound baskets
  • Using dot stickers
  • ‘Magic’ letter reveal
  • Tracing over the top of a sound card
  • Sound / letter matches.

If you’re looking for more preschool inspired activities, please head on over to the ‘preschool’ category of the website.

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Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

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