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Raspberry ‘Paint’

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A taste safe option for mini artists

I’m always on the hunt for taste safe paint option, especially when it comes to Mr E (16 months) so when we had a punnet of sour raspberries on our hands, we decided to utilise them for painting…

You will need:

  • Raspberries
  • Pestle and mortar or bowl and fork
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paper
  • Water


This activity is really simple to set up. We just popped the raspberries into the pestle and mortar, then Z (3.8 years) had fun grounding them down to juice. Alternatively, you could try a bowl and fork to ‘mash’ the raspberries or if the raspberries you have at home are in better condition, try stewing them first then keep the juice back as paint – so many options!

After the raspberries had been sufficiently beaten to a pulp, Z added some water to dilute the colour. She experimented with shades, noticing how the red colouring got lighter with more water.

Both of my youngest children used paint brushes to explore the raspberry paint. I’m always rather proud of E’s grasp of the brush – he loves to join in and emulate his older sister, but there is also great benefits to using this as finger paint too!

Key Skills

  • Hand strength – using pestle and mortar
  • Fine motor skills – paint brush
  • Creative control – via process art
  • Cause and effect – finding out what happens to the ‘paint’ as more water is added
  • Taste safe – so even the youngest artists can join in.

Age recommendations

The raspberry paint could be used from 12 months of age as finger paints – this is because some babies can develop allergic reactions to berries, so it is not advisable to use for babies under 1. I wouldn’t start introducing the paintbrushes until your child is closer to 18 months due to the need for a developed pincer grip.

As far as the pestle and mortar element goes, children from the age 2+ would benefit. The IKEA one pictured here is extremely heavy which was fine for Z as she’s used to these activities but be cautious with younger children.

With any food based activities, please supervise carefully. If you haven’t yet introduced berries to your baby or toddler, please don’t do this activity – you need to see if your baby has any allergic reactions first. You can find more information about raspberries and allergic reactions here.

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Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

Sian is the founder of Teach Investigate Play. She helps parents navigate the early years by providing meaningful and simple activities. She also owns 'Get Set Social Media' - a social media consultancy for small businesses. From the UK, now living in Vienna (via Australia). About page has more!

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