Ice Painting

A fun idea to try with toddlers

Painting ice cubes is one of our favourite summertime activities. Whilst i’d usually use non-toxic washable paints with my eldest two, I opt to use simple food colouring with my youngest (16 months)⁣

E did explore with the paintbrushes provided for a little while, but he was primarily focused on handling the ice cubes. He also love swirling the paint around until it all mixed into this khaki green colour:

Of course, the food colouring didn’t really stick to the ice cubes as such, but that also wasn’t the point. Art with babies and toddlers should be about exploration rather than a fixed end product. You can’t really get more temporary than painting ice!⁣

As he explored, I commentated on what was happening (some of you also know this as sportscasting). This included everything from the sensation of ‘cold,’ to the names of the colours.⁣

After a little exploratory session, E wanted to pick up the ice cubes, so I provided him with an additional tub so he could transfer the ice cubes.


If you are recreating this activity at home, PLEASE do it under strict supervision – don’t let your baby put the ice cubes in their mouths as they are a potential choking hazard. If you are at all worried, try freezing a large block of ice instead.⁣

I would recommend this activity from the age of 18 months +⁣

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