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Craft Stick Pull

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Tabies (not quite a baby, not quite a toddler) are full of curiosity so when I knew we had a holiday coming up, I was admittedly a little concerned as to how we’d keep my 14 months occupied…

Going on holiday as a family of 5 means a lot of stuff. Taking an additional suitcase packed full of toys is an absolute non-starter, so I needed to get creative. This combination of washi tape and craft sticks turned out to be absolutely perfect! We used it in the holiday home and in restaurants and cafes.

Age Recommendation

E was 14 months in this photo and it was an appropriate challenge for his age. For younger babies, try simply using washi tape. For older babies try additional pieces of tape that would make the craft sticks harder to pull up.



  • Problem solving – figuring out how to rescue the sticks
  • Language development – I colour matched the sticks and tape so that I could talk about the colours
  • Helps to develop his pincer grip and fine motor skills.
  • Portable – this is great for restaurants and cafes!


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Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

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