Post-It Pull

A simple ideas for curious minds…

Mr 15 months is in full on curious mode. At the moment, toys don’t really engage him that well but everyday items sure do! I’m constantly having to be quick on my feet to engage him, otherwise he’d forever be scaling furniture or emptying the Tupperware cupboard.

There isn’t heaps that I can say about this activity – all you really need is a pile of post-it notes and a wall! Place the post-its at varying heights so that your taby needs to stretch or crouch in order to reach them.

E loved pulling them off the wall, and he also figured out how to re-stick them again after observing big sister (who also came over to play). Take a look through the slideshow to see how the play developed – I just love the last photograph!

Key Learning

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Pincer grip
  • Problem solving – how does the post-it stick back on the wall?
  • Gross motor – bending and stretching

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