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Color Activities for Preschool

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In the first of a series of guest blog posts, Tam from Active Littles has shared with us some fabulous ideas for colour matching activities. Please read on for five ideas to try with your little ones at home…

Color Match Activity Preschool

I used 3 large sheets of paper and set them on the table. Then, I used various colored markers to make a bunch of small circles (the size of a coin) all over the 3 sheets of paper. 

Great! Now you’re all set to begin your matching activity! 

First Color Match Activity:

Use colored dot stickers to match to the correct markered circle on your sheet of paper. 

Dot stickers are so versatile. You can use them in so many types of activities for kids! 

This is a wonderful way to learn about colors while having fun. Kids love stickers!

Second Color Match Activity: 

Use pom poms for color matching! Pom poms are soft and squishy and are a sure way for your preschooler to learn while playing! 

Match the pom poms to the correct markered circle on your sheet of paper. 

Third Color Match Activity:

Do-a-dot markers are a wonderful tool to use for learning. It went well with this color matching activity! 

Match the Do a dot marker to the correct color markered circle on your sheet of paper.

Fun Activities for Kindergarten

This activity works well with younger children and preschoolers. It can also be used for kindergarteners with a more advanced approach. Try matching numbers 11-20 or letters to make out a word for your kindergartener! 

Learn to sort colors by adding a matching game or a skip color counting game. The possibilities are endless! 

Will you give this color match activity for kids a try? 

Pin it for later?

Do you have any fun and engaging ideas on color matching activities? What are your best tips?

About Active Littles

Hi, I’m Tam. I am the mother of two beautiful and smart little girls. I love setting up hands-on, engaging and fun activities at home for my kids. Creating early learning printables is something I am also passionate about. Into free printables like I am? Check out 7 versatile fun learning games for early learners! For more fun play ideas and freebies, go to https://www.activelittles.com

You can also find Tam over on Instagram here.

Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

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