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Pine Cone Quarry

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Sandpit Sensory Play

Many times, sensory play is overthought – there’s the elaborate set ups which are clearly made with love and care, but quite often (or pretty much all the time in our case) It’s the simple ideas that are most engaging…

In the summertime, keep it simple with a sand base for sensory play. Sand is something that works for a range of ages, from babies right up to big kids!

I think the sand pit can be overlooked on Instagram but that’s not to say it isn’t in use! If you find sensory play a little overwhelming in all of its variations, there really is absolutely nothing wrong with the classic water and sand combination.⁣

In the summer months, our tuff spot tray becomes the sandpit. Here my eldest turned it into a ‘Pinecone Quarry’ with the Way to Play road, our collection of pinecones and old cars but on other days its a dinosaur small world or even a beach rescue.⁣

Keeping it simple is something that has become especially important to me since the arrival of my third child last year. If you’re looking for more simple ideas, come and join me in the @thecreativeplayhub FB groups here.

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Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

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