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An Interview with Myriam from Mother Could

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Meet Myriam from MOTHERCOULD! She is a digital creator and mama to two girls, who lives in sunny Miami, Florida. Myriam makes the most awesome video tutorials on Instagram and is one of the loveliest people on the ‘gram…

Myriam! Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed for this series – I’m a huge fan of your posts. I think that the video tutorials you create are fabulous. What first made you decide to focus on video content rather than photos? 

Thank you so much! When I first started my page, I shared pictures of activities and made how to videos for my food recipes. I always wanted to transition to mostly how to videos as it is what I personally like to see the most. I feel like as a mom with young kids, I don’t have much time to sit and read a lot of descriptions. If I can see it within a 1 minute time frame, I’ll be more likely to give it a try. 

Your videos are professional as well as fun – how long does each video tutorial take to put together? 

You would be surprised how fast it all comes together. The most time consuming part is setting up the things I need to be able to film (tripod, camera, angles, lighting, etc.). Most videos are shot within 10 minutes. Edited within an hour and the description is short since the video does most of the talking . All in all, I would say 1-2 hours per video. Some take a little longer than others but that’s the average. This has gotten better over time. I think my first how to video took about a week to make and its a minute and a half…lol. 

You are one of the loveliest people on the ‘gram. Despite a huge following, you always make time to comment on people’s photos and reply to messages. How important is the community aspect of Instagram to you?

That is so sweet of you to say ï¸. Community is EVERYTHING to me. MOTHERCOULD was a hobby that somehow became what it is today. The idea of communicating with people of similar interests from all over the world is like a dream come true. Never would I have had this opportunity to connect on a personal level with such inspiring and amazing people if it wasn’t for this page and I am beyond grateful for it. MOTHERCOULD, plays off of the word motherhood in a positive way. I truly believe we can achieve anything as mothers. I want you to believe it as well. 

I love that your content doesn’t just focus on the play aspect of motherhood, but cooking too. What is your fave ‘go-to’ recipe for your children?

A little secret, the cooking tutorials are my favorite ðŸ¤«. They bring me back to cooking in the kitchen with my mother as a little girl. We are a big foodie family. 

My go to recipe for my little ones is the healthier version of macaroni and cheese I have on my page . Its called Nutritious Mac and Cheese. 

I’ve personally been way more aware of spending too much time on social media recently, how do you ensure that it doesn’t take over? Could you give us some tips on finding that all important balance?

I am guilty of spending way to much time on social media myself . Going back to your question about community, I want to get back to all the messages and comments in a timely manner. I’ve come to peace with the fact that I can no longer do that. What I’ve been doing lately it posting less. Better quality content and spacing out the posts. This is giving me more time to actively engage. Also going on Instagram actively to participate versus simply browsing really helps. I don’t always stick to that last piece of advice .

I’m always super aware that Instagram only shows a small snippet of people’s lives. How would your friends describe you? 

I think they would describe me as social, caring, and passionate. Im also a total homebody. I make plans to spend the maximum time I can at home. Anyone up for a play date?

Is there a particular quote or motto that you live by?

Nothing specific, but I try to go with the flow and make the best out of difficult situations.  Thats part of the reason why I started MOTHERCOULD. Being a mother isn’t always easy. I wanted to share the things that helped me get through the day with my girls. 

Finally, how can we find out more about MOTHERCOULD? (put any and all links to social media here)

At the moment I am most active on Instagram @mothercould and facebook as mothercould. I have a blog on my website, www.mothercould.com that I’ve taken a break from at the moment, but it has some fun stuff on it ï¸. Please subscribe to my MOTHERCOULD youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAAM-YUR69IX4a3gNsPwygQ). Though currently limited, growing that platform will be a focus of mine in the near future and I don’t want people to miss out. 

Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

Sian is a trained teacher mama to three awesome children and wife to Greg. As a family of expats, they travel the world every couple of years for new adventures. Right now, they live in Vienna, Austria.

One thing Sian is super passionate about? Helping mums worldwide navigate the early years of parenthood.

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