Paddle Pop Pull

A simple idea for Tabies

Tabies (children aged between 1 -2) are known for their super busy nature. It can be really hard to occupy them for longer than a minute. Activities that spike curiosity are great for this age group, Take this paddle pop pull for example, it’s just perfect for curious little ones who have started to explore the world.

To make this work, all you need is a handful of paddle pop sticks (also known as craft sticks) and a roll of washi tape. You can try it out on a flat surface, as shown here, or even vertically.

This is a great activity for children aged one and over but every child is different – you can usually gauge how suitable an activity is by the levels of frustration in your taby. If they find it easy, try using two pieces of tape instead or if they are getting annoyed and cannot do it after a solid attempt, try the simple washi tape pull instead.

We also took this set up on holiday with us, using it in our rental cottage as well as out and about in restaurants.⁣

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