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21 Sensory Trays to try now…

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Take some visual inspiration for your next sensory tray. As always, remember to follow the child when using themes and use what you have – there is no need to go out and buy anything special!

1. Goldilocks and the Three Bears

2. Alphabet Search

3. Jelly Zoo

4. Monochrome

5. Flower Garden

6. Colour Scoop

7.Dolly Bath

8. Diggers

9. Fruit Crush

10. Land and Sea Sort

Click here for more information on this activity.

11. Muddy Puppies

You can find our ‘mud’ recipe here.

12. Gruffalo Crumble

You can find further information on the importance of reading and bookish play by clicking on the following links:

Why We Read from Day One

How we’re raising readers

13. Jelly Numbers (or letters)

14. Rainbow Rice

You can find our rainbow rice recipe here.

15. Button Sort

16. Tea Time

17. Feed the Animals

18. Name Recognition Rescue

19. Play Dough Small World

20. Ice Cream Scoop and Pour

21. Pompom Pinch

Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

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