Spaghetti Sensory

Introducing Sensory Play to little ones…

Sensory play can be an absolute minefield for first time parents. What’s safe? Is the effort worth it? Will there be mess everywhere? One of the classic sensory materials at baby sensory groups is cooked spaghetti which we introduced to Baby E just before he turned one.

Cooked spaghetti is generally considered a good sensory play activity for babies because it is taste safe (providing your child doesn’t have gluten allergies). Other benefits are the minimal mess and the low cost of the activity.

HOWEVER – don’t be at all surprised if your baby doesn’t take to this activity first time. None of mine have been all that jazzed by spaghetti sensory the very first time it was introduced. It can sometimes take more than one introduction to a new sensory experience before they will really get involved.

In the photographs here, my daughter (3) got stuck in to the activity whereas E was happy to watch from the sidelines. He gave the spaghetti a little poke, but he wouldn’t go further than that this time. This is all okay and perfectly normal.

Some tips on introducing sensory play…

❤Start off with small scale invitations to minimise the effort for you. ⁣

❤Don’t force an activity if they aren’t interested. Try again in a few weeks (or even months)⁣

❤Prepare an activity that is suitable for siblings or invite friends over for a play date.⁣

❤Join a sensory / messy play group if you aren’t able to prepare activities at home.⁣

❤If in doubt, just use water! Find a level of sensory play that you are comfortable with as a starting point.⁣

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