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10 Activities to try with the Flisat Table

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Have you seen the IKEA Flisat table? As soon as I saw it on Little Lifelong Learners Instagram feed, I knew I had to have one! It makes perfect sense for sensory play and even helps to minimise the mess made. Read on for 10 of our most recent activities…

Before delving further, please note that this is a photo compilation of previously posted activities, so check the links to visit the original posts. Whilst this is a post about the activities we’ve done on the Flisat table, please don’t rush out and buy one unless you really want to – the activities can be recreated in other ways too!

The activities featured here have been done with both my 14 month old son and 3 year old daughter. Because the tray is accessible to both, I need to make sure that everything is suitable for the youngest family member.

1. Citrus Soup

activities with the flisat table

If you have some citrus fruit that has been ignored in the fruit bowl, (lemons, i’m looking at you!) then this is the activity for you. Simply slice up some citrus fruits, along with herbs if you have some to hand, then add them to a tray of water.

You can opt to add cookware and kitchen utensils if you wish, but it isn’t essential.

2. Wash the Babies

activities with the flisat table

If you don’t have dolls, try animals instead – it’s a fun activity for little ones either way. We also added baby bubble bath, a sponge and jug so that Miss 3 could wash the babies properly.

Z started to really get into this when I was pregnant with my third, so this is a good activity to try when preparing for a new baby.

3. Land and Sea Sort

activities with the flisat table

We chose to use gloop here but you could also try spaghetti, rice , play dough or play silks. You can read more about the Land and Sea Sort here.

4. Pinecone Sort

activities with the flisat table

There are simple activities with the flisat table and this is it – a nice transfer activity using nature treasures. This is a great activity for a few reasons, including crossing the midline.

5. Cornflakes Construction

activities with the flisat table

There’s something about crunchy cornflakes and construction vehicles ! This is a really fun one to try with an energetic taby! You can read more about the benefits of this sensory set up by clicking here.

6. Tutti Frutti Cloud Dough

activities with the flisat table

Okay so this doesn’t look to pretty, but boy was it a lot of fun! You can read all about how to make the cloud dough by clicking here.

7. Planting Flowers

activities with the flisat table

Add chocolate, flour and a little cooking oil together to make a chocolate soil – it’s great fun and smells delicious! I added some yogurt pots that we’d been saving as plant pots along with some Duplo flowers.

8. Lentil Scoop

activities with the flisat table

A classic activity with the flisat table. Scoop and pour activities are our number one all time favourite: we are forever doing activities like this! Scoop and pour invitations are great for hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and a general introduction to understanding measurements and capacity.

9. Wash the Dishes

activities with the flisat table

We actually did this activity after our dishwasher broke! The children had such a fun time cleaning their own plates – I love how the chores that seem so mundane as an adult can be so fascinating to a child.

10. Feed the Farm Animals

activities with the flisat table

We’ve used cornflakes in this photos, but you could really use any cereal as the filler. This doubled as a fun, hands-on way to help Mr E with his language development – with Z helping him to learn his animal names and sounds. We’ve done a few activities similar to this in the past, which you can read about here.

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Sian Thomas

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