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Mouse Paint

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Mouse Paint is an absolutely BRILLIANT book for learning how to mix primary colours. This is not the first ‘Mouse Paint’ related activity we’ve done and it certainly wont be our last either. Read on to find out how I set up this invitation for Miss 3.5.

In order for this activity to work, you need to READ the book first. Not just quickly before getting on with painting, but over the course of a few days at least. We read Mouse Paint as our bedtime story for a few nights in a row, then read the book again right before commencing this activity.


  • Cardboard (we used cut out cereal packets)
  • paint palette
  • paint brushes
  • white paint
  • red, yellow and blue paint
  • Copy of Mouse Paint
  • Tray (not essential but it does help to contain the mess!)


  1. I drew out the mice in advance on to cardboard, then Z painted them white. If you actually just have white card already, then there is no need to paint first, this was just so we got the colour mixing right!
  2. Place a little red, blue and yellow paint onto the palette and present as an invitation*
  3. Read through the book again during the activity as prompts for the painting process.

Here’s the thing…

The invitation worked way better than I expected and when I got back from putting Baby E down for a nap, she’d actually done most of the painting! She’d painting one mouse blue, one red and one yellow – just like in the book! There wasn’t a scrap of paint anywhere except the mice themselves and everything was left neat and tidy on the tray. You can read more about how we’ve managed to get to this stage by reading Painting with Little Ones.

We did end up finishing the project together. I read the rest of the book aloud to Z and each time one of the mice stepped in some paint we mixed it in. At 3.5 years, Z is still totally amazed to see how the colours change.

Why is it important?

With so many ready made paints available these days, little ones don’t often get to explore how to mix colours. Mouse Paint is a great early introduction to that process.

Want more?

Painting with Little Ones

Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

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