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Newborn baby play: making faces!

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There’s no denying that newborn babies are exhausting – the good news is that they are also really easy to entertain! Babies find faces, especially those of their parents, absolutely fascinating. Read on for a few super simple ideas for newborn baby play. Let’s make some faces!

What to do:

First things first, activities are best done when your baby is content and awake. If you’re baby has a full nappy, is hungry or sleepy, then deal with those needs first.

Position your baby so that you can be face to face. You can try this activity seated with your knees raised, as shown above, or place baby on his play mat on the floor.

Then it’s just as simple as making some faces! Try smiling, or over-exaggerating facial expressions such as opening your mouth wide, sticking out your tongue or raising your eyebrows. Cooing sounds also work really well to hold the attention of your tiny one. Baby might even try to copy some of the facial expressions you are making too!

You’ll know when it is time to stop when baby starts to look away. Newborn babies can get over-stimulated pretty quickly so don’t expect the activity to last more than a few minutes at the most – just repeat a few times throughout the day! It’s also a great idea to get siblings (under supervision) involved with the activity too to help them bond with the new arrival.


  • This is a great bonding activity – think of all that eye-contact!
  • Develops listening skills
  • Stimulates social, visual and emotional developments
  • Helps to promote an understanding of social cues
Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

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