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Easter Ideas for Babies

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I’ve posted an Easter activity guide for 3-5 year olds, but there’s absolutely no reason for baby to miss out on all of the fun of Easter! Help them to explore Easter and spring themed items in a safe way by trying some of the ideas below. Please just keep in mind at all times that the activity ideas below need to be closely supervised.

All of the age suggestions mentioned in this post, are purely suggestions. They are based on my experience as a mother of three and educator. If your baby is not ready for the activities, check out the suggested modifications or save the ideas for a later date!

Sensory Ideas

Sensory bottles have always been a ‘go-to’ activity of ours. They help babies explore objects that would otherwise be unsafe. Take the cute little chicks that are for sale over Easter: they are intended as a little decoration and children adore them (I remember them fondly from my own childhood) yet they would be totally unsafe for a baby.

Below are some ideas to try using seasonal decorations. You can check out other sensory bottle options by downloading the free printable here. For the large plastic egg featured, I used sellotape in place of a glue gun, purely because it was far too fiddly to stick together!

Sensory bottles are great for babies aged 3 months and over. This is usually when they have the head and neck control to push up and reach out for objects. As you can see from the photograph, Mr 12 months is having a wonderful time exploring the items in the basket.

Discovery Baskets

No post on easter ideas for babies is complete with a discovery basket. These can be used for a range of ages, however they really come into their own when baby can sit independently (6 months plus) . The good news with this activity is that a range of ages can benefit – my 3 year old daughter still loves exploring these baskets.

Below are some ideas that you can use as inspiration. We have simply used a range of Easter themed books, toys and decorations in our baskets. Please just ensure that the items you decide to use are safe for your baby to explore. If you aren’t too sure, you can always keep the baskets out of reach when they aren’t being played with.

We recommend that discovery baskets are used from around 6 months plus so with younger babies, try a Easter themed discovery circle. Just place the toys and books in a circle for baby to explore as a tummy time activity. As tummy time is recommended from birth, simply adapt the activity to suit the needs of your child. For the very young, one book will be sufficient. If you are in need of more baby play activities, check out the free Baby Play 10 e-book by clicking here.

Eggs in the Carton

This is a fine motor activity for older babies and ‘tabies’ – so named to bridge the gap between the baby and toddler stages. Here we used smaller versions of the clear plastic eggs and placed the colourful chick decorations inside. Just tape them up with sellotape to stop baby getting their hands on the small objects inside.

This activity will help baby’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Younger babies will simply like taking the eggs out of the carton but older babies will also enjoy the repeated process of putting the eggs in and out of the carton.

This activity is one that I set up for Mr 12 months and he enjoys exploring each egg, then putting them back into the carton again – children aged 10 months plus will get the most benefit from the game. With older babies and toddler, try turning it into a colour matching game instead.

Want more easter ideas for babies?

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Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

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