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Cornflakes Construction

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A sensory invitation to play...

Now that Baby E is nearly one year old, I find myself looking for sensory play options that will suit both him and Miss 3. This is not an easy task: Miss 3 is finally at the age where she can be trusted with small items but we cannot have them within reach of Baby E who still puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.

To make things easier for me – after all, I am the one who needs to clean up! – we mainly focus on activities that both children can participate in. Consequently, we do a lot of ‘taste-safe’ sensory play so that I don’t have to stress if Baby E ends up consuming the sensory base!

Before we begin, it’s important to note that taste safe or ‘edible’ play activities aren’t really intended as a snack. I don’t encourage either child to eat the food based items within the tray – they are just altogether safer than pompoms or sequins, for example.

Recommended Age

Cornflakes Construction is an activity that can be done from 10 months + under close supervision. This recommendation is based on the assumption that your child has hit the normal developmental milestones for their age. Please do not try this activity with younger children as they will not be ready for it.


Cornflakes Construction is a great sensory activity that allows little ones to scrunch and crunch the materials in their hands. They can also listen to the sounds the cornflakes make and of course, this activity is taste-safe as mentioned above.

Older children will enjoy the small world element of this activity which boosts creativity and language development too. The direction of play should not be dictated by the adult; let your child decide how to play with the materials provided.


+ Cornflakes

+ Wooden blocks (or Duplo)

+ Construction vehicles

+ Tray – here we’ve used the IKEA Flisat table with Trostfast tubs


Simply place the cornflakes into the tray along with some wooden blocks and construction vehicles. We crunched up the cornflakes a little first – just in case Baby E decided to eat any (which of course he did!).

With these activities, I closely supervise Baby E to make sure that he is not putting too many cornflakes in his mouth or mouthing at the construction vehicles. On these occasions I firmly say, ‘no, not for eating!’ – he’s starting to react positively to this cue.

If you want more ideas on activities that suit sibling play, check out my Instagram and Facebook feeds as they are updated on a daily basis!

Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

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