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The Creative Play A-Z: F.A.Q

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All that you need to know about
The Creative Play A-Z

If you’re on Facebook and Instagram, why do I need to buy this book?

Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest only provide a snapshot of play ideas. The Creative Play A-Z guides you through activities step-by-step and provides information on the educational benefits.

Buying the e-book also gives you access to an exclusive Facebook group where verified purchasers can discuss and share ideas.

What age group is this e-book designed for?

The book is generally aimed at children in the 2-4 age group. My 2-year-old daughter has been fully engaged with all of the activities featured, but you will know best when your child is ready for these activities.

I’m new to this style of activity. Where should we start?

You absolutely don’t have to do this e-book in order! Start with what you feel comfortable with.

I’m not very creative. Can I still use this book?

Absolutely! This is why I’ve written it! I love being creative but the crafts featured aren’t polished and perfect. That just isn’t the point of the book. So long as you’re having fun together, that is the main thing.

My child keeps putting EVERYTHING in his/her mouth. Can I still do the sensory activities?

Yes – providing you are using ‘taste safe’ alternatives (featured within the book) and supervising carefully. When we first started doing these activities, Zoey was more inclined to try and eat everything however she rarely does this now. The key is familiarisation under close guidance. You can always substitute materials – for example, use whipped cream instead of shaving foam.

I don’t have all of the resources you’ve featured. Do I need to go out and spend loads of money setting up?

Definitely not! This is addressed in more detail within the book. However if you’re unsure of what to use, please contact me or the private Facebook group.

I’ve set up the activity, but now my child isn’t interested. Am I doing something wrong?

The short answer is no! Sometimes this is just the way it goes. Don’t get disheartened and try again another day. The more familiar they are with the type of activities you do, the more interested they will become. We always do these activities when Zoey is well fed and well rested!

I can’t cope with the mess. How do I contain it?

Think of the benefits of each activity before worrying too much. There’s a whole page of tips within the book.

How do I know I’ll like the eBook?

You can try a free sample to see what a few of the activities are like!

I’ve bought the book, but can’t find it! Help!

There are a few options to try here! When you first order the book, it should immediately become available to you on the confirmation page (just scroll down), alternatively check your junk mail or the ‘my account’ section of the website. Failing that, please email me!

How do I gain access to the private Facebook page?

Once you have bought the e-book you can send a request to join the private page. Please don’t that only verified purchasers of The Creative Play A-Z will be accepted.

Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

Sian is a trained teacher mama to three awesome children and wife to Greg. As a family of expats, they travel the world every couple of years for new adventures. Right now, they live in Vienna, Austria.

One thing Sian is super passionate about? Helping mums worldwide navigate the early years of parenthood.

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