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The Creative Play A-Z

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The Creative Play A-Z

Are you looking for a more creative approach to playtime?

Play doesn’t have to mean expensive wooden toys or elaborate set ups. Playtime should mean spending quality time together. Quit trawling Pinterest and Instagram for creative activities to do with your little ones and let me be your guide instead!

Featuring over 40 activities and recipes, The Creative Play A-Z is the ultimate starter guide for parents and carers who want to introduce a creative approach to play – all for the price of a couple of coffees!

For each letter of the alphabet, a new theme is introduced along with an activity idea and how to make or create it. The activities featured are intended for children aged between 2-4.  You can test out the free sample here.

Why Creative Play?


Every day the kids and I are engaged in some element of creative play. We paint, get messy, draw, play make-believe games and generally have a lot of fun!

Each time we play, I see developmental leaps –  speech gets clearer,  imagination blossoms and motor skills get a little sharper with every activity. This isn’t me showing off my children’s’ abilities; this is simply what happens by engaging in play together.

We love bonding over play activities or creating a huge arty mess. It makes the days a lot more fun for all of us and I know that the same can be true for you too.

Get Social!


There is so much more to The Creative Play A-Z than an e-Book. There’s a whole community too! Both on Facebook and Instagram there is the opportunity to engage with other parents.

For me, it’s all about the community vibe. I want you to share ideas with one another and become inspired from what you see. I’ve personally found the Instagram community of parents, teachers and creatives invaluable. I absolutely LOVE it when I see the ideas I’ve shared used by others so please tag me into your posts!

Purchasers of the e-Book will be given special access to an exclusive Facebook group where ideas can be shared and questions asked.

Everyday Play


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m passionate about making use of everyday items.  I’m the co-founder of @everydayplayhacks along with my good friend Heidi from @the_harmony_tree_house.  On a daily basis we share simple play activities from the wider insta community.

One of the main reasons for writing this e-Book is to help you make use of the resources you have in your home. I have not been sponsored to write so there are no endorsements for any particular product or brand. All of the toys and craft supplies featured have been paid for out of my own pocket – many are pretty old too!

The point is, please don’t go out and buy products especially for the activities featured but substitute for items you have at home. Wherever possible, I have tried to use recycling, nature and even food to keep the costs at a minimum.

Sign up and save!

The Creative Play A-Z is just £6.00 but if you sign up to my newsletter you’ll get a 15% discount off of the price!

You can buy your own copy of The Creative Play A-Z here.

Any Questions?

Feel free to email me at teachinvplay@gmail.com or visit the F.A.Q page.

Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

Sian is a trained teacher mama to three awesome children and wife to Greg. As a family of expats, they travel the world every couple of years for new adventures. Right now, they live in Vienna, Austria.

One thing Sian is super passionate about? Helping mums worldwide navigate the early years of parenthood.

You can join her on her brand new venture, This Playful Home, by visiting www.thisplayfulhome.com or clicking the email sign up button below!

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