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Valentine’s Day Paint Squish Bag

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It can be really tough to paint with babies – most paints aren’t suitable for the under threes, but if you just use edible options all the time, then you are never left with a lasting piece of artwork! The answer? Paint squish bags! Read on to find out more…

This activity can be done as young as four months as a tummy time activity or as a fun mess-free paint option for tabies and toddlers. As with any activity featured on this website, please make sure it is closely supervised and that your child is well rested before trying!

You will need:

  • Non-toxic acrylic paint
  • Cardboard canvas (we used the back of a cereal packet)
  • Heavy duty sandwich bags x2
  • Masking tape – is advisable if you don’t want baby to risk ripping the bag.


  • Squeeze paint onto the ‘cardboard canvas.’ I did ours in a basic heart shape for Valentines.
  • Place inside a heavy duty sandwich bag. As a precaution, you can choose to double bag the canvas. The outside bag can be used again, providing no leaks occur!
  • Be sure to squeeze out any air first, otherwise the bag could pop.
  • Tape to the floor, highchair or table with masking tape. Whilst we didn’t actually do this here, because Z was already used to this form of painting, it is advisable if baby is likely to grab and pull at the bag.

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Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas

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